New Profile Picture

I had been using my previous profile picture for about 3 years. It was taken during a family occasion. Normally, I wouldn't have that much hair on my head; I cut it very short for school. The reason was that I was on a no-saloon spree during my long study break. I wasn't so happy of the background, either.
I used it nevertheless because it was the best picture of myself I had back then. Even though I always wanted to change it, I never found a suitable one. What can I do, I am not much of a selfie-person (until recently).

And I am finally updating my profile picture. And here it is!

My new profile picture

It was taken on my birthday, in 2024 by my friend Virusan.

Well, you might have noticed that I am wearing glasses; I wasn't wearing them in my previous avatar. That's because, I have only started wearing eyeglasses since August 2022. It's the result of working with computers, they said.
I like wearing them despite of minor occasional inconveniences, and unwanted comments on my health.

I will be updating all my social media profiles (very slowly). Good bye, old one. Your time has come.

The old one:

My time has come - Oogway's dialogue (from Kung Fu Panda)