Here are the projects I, personally or as a team, worked on recently.

Mora Exams

Official website of Mora Exams, the largest island-wide pioneer exam for A/L students.

Kalvi Papers

A website that distributes exam papers from Sri Lankan educational organizations. Backed by Kalvi Community, an educational community on Viber and WhatsApp. Run by Jeyashankar, one of my friends.

Wizmo Bot

A bot to download videos from YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. Currently runs on Viber and Telegram. Other platforms and services might be supported in future.


A calculator with functions that a pre-installed one doesn't. Like gcm, lcd, is-prime and more. Available as a native Android app as well.


A small library for generating static social card images (Open Graph images). @vercel/og but for the default Node runtime.


A NPM package to transform LATEX equations into images. Ported from

Gallery Of JE

A website full of high-quality retouched photos by Janoshan, one of my friends. Discontinued.

Password Tester

A minimal password strength checker.