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16 June 2024

Better Alternatives in JavaScript ecosystem

I wanted to create a list of all shiny stuff in the javascript community.

14 May 2024

Performance optimizations on

Recently, I have worked on some performance issues on website, and fixed them. Thought it might be useful to future me (or someone else) at some point.

25 April 2024

Building Wizmo — Video Downloader Bot

Sharing the story behind Wizmo — Video Downloader Bot

25 March 2024

One bug, one month of debugging

I wanted to share about a minor bug that took me 1 month to resolve. The reason for that was, my lack of knowledge regarding HTTP.

8 February 2024

New Profile Picture

I have finally updated my profile picture!

1 February 2023

Bitwise Operations

Bitwise operations manipulate individual bits in binary data for efficient manipulation and testing. This article provides information and an interactive playground to help familiarize you with them.

22 January 2023

XCalc for Android

Sharing how & why I developed XCalc as a native Android app

21 December 2022

Solving the Prerendering Preact Problem

Having trouble while prerendering a Preact site? In this post, I'll share my experience finding a solution to this common problem.

20 November 2022

Static Open Graph images

I added statically-generated Open Graph images to my posts; and how I optimized them.

4 November 2021

The is-odd NPM package

17 September 2021

A JavaScript Quiz — Explained

Explanation of an amazing quiz I took an year ago.

10 June 2021

Story of Building XCalc

Sharing how I built XCalc, an extended calculator.

7 April 2021

JavaScript Shorthands

Do you write JavaScript a lot? These shorthands might be helpful to you.

27 February 2021

Divisibility Rules - An Explanation

How much time would you need to check if a given number is divisible by 2 –15 without a computer? Well, for the first few numbers, you would be so fast. But you will get stuck at 7 or 13 right? Don't worry. After reading this article, you won't. Give it a try.